There are 17 different playable characters in Eternal Lunia. All characters are free, and do not need to be unlocked.

  • Eir, the healer, excels in healing and buffing. She may also opt to learn offensive skills.
  • Sieg, the knight, is a close ranged heavy swordsman who excels at dealing sustained damage while mitigating and maneuvering around incoming damage. Because of this, Sieg can effectively take on a "Tank" role in party play. With highly dynamic skills and combos at his disposal, Sieg is also a great all-around character for PvP.
  • Dainn, the wizard, has a diverse repitoire of spells. He excels in comboing with his spells, and has good burst damage at higher levels.
  • Tia, the thief, has swift and elegant melee skills, as well as skills utilising shurikens, poisons, bombs, and traps. Some of her skills deal increased damage when attacking an enemy from behind.
  • Lime, the combat slime, has skills which allow him to transform into various types of slimes. He can also spit out potions with beneficial effects.
  • Dacy, the puppeteer, can summon puppets which can act independently or be commanded. She also has several skills that make her invulnerable.
  • Krieg, the templar, is a close range attacker who can also heal and support his allies.
  • Yuki, the ice wizard, fights with ice-based spells, many of which can slow down enemies or restrict their movement. Some of her skills can even freeze bosses.
  • Arien, the archer, fights with magically imbued arrows, and has powerful melee combos.
  • Ryan, the bounty hunter, fights with guns, railguns,and explosives. Many of his skills have good range or AoE.
  • Kali, the satanic bard, has music-based skills which can attack enemies or support allies. She is best known for her ability to regenerate the MP of allies.
  • Asuka, the dual wield swordsman, is a short range attacker with excellent mobility and combos, and decent survivability.
  • Ralph, the fighter, is the fastest character in the game, and uses short range and melee skills.
  • Dark Eir, the dark princess, is a hybrid character; capable of healing and dealing damage, but excelling in neither. She has several skills which help with her survivability, as well as party buffs which are powerful, but also cost the party their health.
  • Arta, the engineer, excels in burst damage; she has powerful skills with long delays. She is also able to craft her own materials for fortifying acessories and support equipment.
  • Gaon, the spearman, is a slow but powerful character who uses the power of dragons. While most of his skills are close range, he has a few good long range skills.
  • Iris, the flame witch, is a former pirate who fights at short range with her chain swords and fire magic. She has a few useful party buffs which can save her allies or restore their mana.

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