Sets refer to sets of equipment with similar names. Some sets have set effects, granting additional bonuses for wearing multiple pieces of that set. All set effects are cumulative; if you equip 4 pieces of a set, you will gain both the 2 Set Effect and the 4 Set Effect.

Shop SetsEdit

Shop sets refer to sets that can be purchased from the weapon store in the squares. They do not include a support equipment. 4th degree or higher stage sets have set effects.

Stage SetsEdit

Stage sets refer to sets obtained by clearing episode stages, except for the final stage. Stage sets do not have set effects.

Boss SetsEdit

Boss sets refer to sets obtained by clearing the final stage of each episode. They are named after the boss of the stage. All boss sets except for episode 1's boss set have a set effect.

Great Box SetsEdit

Sets obtainable from Great Boxes, which are random rare drops from stages. They do not include a support equipment. Great boxes 8 and 9 may also be obtained by trading in carps at Hemingway. 8th and 9th degree great box sets have set effects.

Raid SetsEdit

Raid sets refer to sets obtained by clearing raids. All raid sets have set effects, as well as different stats for different characters.

Bonus SetsEdit

Bonus sets are sets obtainable from bonus stages. All bonus sets have a set effect.

Myth SetsEdit

With the exception of the first set, Gillian's The Strongest Set, myth sets are obtained from myth stages. Myth sets have significantly higher stats than other sets, but can only be used within myth.

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