Earrings are accessory equipment. They can usually be equipped by any class, and have no visual appearance.

A player may equip up to two earrings at once.

Stage set earrings are obtained at the end of the 7th stage of each episode.

Earrings cannot be fortified with regular fortification stones; Arta's fortification stones must be used instead.

When fortified, earrings gain increased defense stats. They also gain increased Int stats starting from +4, as well as increased Str stats starting from +7.

List of earringsEdit

Name Required Lv. Other Requirements Damage Def. Str. Int. Vit. Dex. HP Mana
Earrings of La Mancha Plains 3 +1 +1 +1
Earrings of Blizzard 11 +2 +9
Earrings of Sirocco 19 +3 +3
Earrings of Jungle 27 Dex. 81 +2 +19
Tairu's Lir Earring PVP Lv. 5 +1 +2 +3
Lioner's Lir Earring PVP Lv. 5 +2 +5
Pitch Black Lir Earring PVP Lv. 5 +2 +2
Rave's Lir Earring PVP Lv. 5 +2 +2

SetsModifier TitleRegular Title