A Family is a small-scale community system which offers various rewards and benefits. The default hotkey is J.

Starting a FamilyEdit

You may invite another player to your Family by right clicking them, and clicking "Family Invitation". If you are not a member of a Family, the two of you will start a Family if they accept.

Families must have a minimum of 2 members, and may have a maximum of up to 4 members. Joining a family will enroll all characters within the account to the family, while counting as 1 member.

New players under level 15 will automatically join a Family as a guest, while not counting towards the maximum member limit. Each Family may have up to 2 guests. Family members may expel a guest by right clicking their name in the Family window, and clicking "Expel".

Family BenefitsEdit

  • Bonus experience when family members are online.
  • When two or more members of a Family are online for at least 1 hour at the same time, they will receive a family gift box. This may only be received once per day.
    • The amount of time required can be seen as a % bar in the Family window.
    • If you switch characters, the time required resets.
  • For every 100 hours that a Family member is online, all members receive a family contribution box.
    • You can see how many hours you have towards your next family contribution box from the Family window, under "Contribution".