To create a guild, talk to Peyton in the Aquarius square. Creating a guild costs 1 G. This will not be refunded even if you disband the guild.

A guild may have up to 20 members. Joining or creating a guild will enroll all characters within the account to the guild, while only counting as 1 member.

Benefits of guildsEdit

  • Guild quests
  • All members may deposit and view items in the Guild Bank. Guild Masters, and the rank directly below them, may withdraw or issue items in the Guild Bank to members.
  • Bonus experience
  • Movement speed increased (requires upkeep)
  • Guild shop (requires upkeep)
    • Discount on guild shop based on guild rank.
    • Can be accessed even from stages, allowing you to sell unwanted items to the guild shop anywhere.

Guild PagesEdit

To create a guild page on the wiki for your guild, enter your guild's name in the box below, after 'Guilds/', and press 'confirm'.

Categorise your guild page under "Guilds", so that other users can find it easily.

List of GuildsEdit

Below is a list of active guilds which have a guild page, in alphabetical order:

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