Character InformationEdit

A powerful being whose exploits predate the Age of Devildom, she has managed to blend in by carefully hiding her true nature. With her real power voluntarily concealed, she is currently enjoying a life as a human bard, wandering the world while subtly propagating the influence of Devildom in the mortal realm. The tune she normally plays is pleasant enough, but she is skilled in one other tune--the melody of Devildom that flows from her lute once she engages in combat. The terrible power of her battle music is such that no one has heard it and lived to tell about it.


Kali is a Satanic Bard. She is best known for her ability to recover the MP of others; she can recover nearby party member's MP by holding down 'S', or with the Song of Recovery skill.


  • Kali is a free character, and does not need to be unlocked.
  • Kali has only 4 tabs of skills, unlike other characters who have 5.


  • In Hinduism, Kali is the goddess of time, creation, destruction and power.

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