The market is a feature that allows players to buy items from other players, or sell their items. It can be accessed from the stores menu in the square (F6 → F11), or by walking to [ Market ] Verner in the Aquarius squares.

Buying ItemsEdit

Market Buying

To search for an item, you may type your query in the search box at the top right, or filter by category from the menu at the left.

You may sort the search results by name, level, selling period, or price, by clicking on the table header.

To buy the item, click on it. Review the information, and then click Purchase (F1) to confirm.

Note that if the items are in a stack, you may not purchase them individually.

Selling ItemsEdit

Market Selling

To sell an item, select the 'Register' tab, and your Inventory Window will automatically open.

Right click on the item you want to sell, or drag and drop it into the square under 'Register Item'. Only tradable items may be sold.

Set your asking price under 'Selling Price'. Note that if you are selling stackable items, the price you input should be the total price for all items. The next line will automatically calculate the price per 1 item.

The line under 'Average Price' will update to reflect the average price of the item you are trying to sell, based on the prices of all successful transactions within the past 4 weeks. Move your mouse over it to see details on how many times the item has been traded, as well as how reliable the average price is.

Set the selling period of the item. You will have to pay a percentage fee based on your asking price, or 10 S, whichever is higher. This will not be refunded, even if the listing is cancelled, or fails to sell. The fees are as follows:

Selling Period Fees
1 Day 2.1%
3 Days 2.3%
5 Days 2.5%
7 Days 2.7%

Once you have set the item to be registered and your price, press the 'Register' button to confirm it.

Note that you may only have up to 10 items registered at once.

If your item gets sold, the money will be mailed to you. If your item fails to sell by the end of the selling period, the item will be mailed to you.