A 3-hit combo attack with a powerful final strike containing the force of darkness. (Darkness type)

Every time a certain skill level is reached, a new effect is added to the skill.

Additional EffectsEdit

  • Level 4: Immune to Immobilization, Finishing Blow+
  • Level 8: Immune to Immobilization, Finishing Blow++
  • Level 12: Immune to Immobilization, Finishing Blow+++


  • Automatically learned upon creating a new Dark Eir.
  • Can be cancelled with A or dash.
  • Can hit at any height.
  • Cannot hit fallen targets.
  • Deals increased damage if the target is affected by Plague of Darkness's debuff.
  • This is Dark Eir's only HKD skill.

All Dark Eir SkillsEdit

Attack enemies with the power of darkness. 'The power of deep darkness is a poison to the soul.'

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Use the powers of chaos, the mixture of both light and dark powers.

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Use the powers of light to heal your party members.

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Use a magical blessing on your party members to enhance certain abilities for a set amount of time.

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Enhance some of your abilities permanently.

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